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Who we are and what we do

  • We enable women judges , full and part time , to contribute to the understanding and resolution of legal issues facing women

  • Through collaboration and training  we  increase recognition of factors affecting women’s experience of the legal system and promote good practice

  • In the UK and internationally  we work with women judges to enhance human rights and to decrease the barriers to women’s entrance to and progress through the judiciary

Sharing our global vision

Our Honorary President

Members taking part in  a session at 2017 conference at the Vatican about Human Trafficking and Organised Crime

At Lahore High court

Visiting Pakistan first to take part in a roundtable on judicial training and later with the International Women Judges' human rights trainer to train judges on training and addressing gender bias in the workplace in 2017

In 2003 Brenda Hale proposed the start of our association and has worked tirelessly with us and the international association to promote the work of women judges in addressing women's issues - we are proud she remains our honorary president

Laura Cox at the Fawcett Society

A former Vice President and now retired High Court Judge worked with the Fawcett Society to examine what progress had been made to address sexual in equality in the workplace - here she and the panel launch their hard hitting report in 2017

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