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Who we are and what we do

  • We enable women judges , full and part time , to contribute to the understanding and resolution of legal issues facing women

  • Through collaboration and training  we  increase recognition of factors affecting women’s experience of the legal system and promote good practice

  • In the UK and internationally  we work with women judges to enhance human rights and to decrease the barriers to women’s entrance to and progress through the judiciary

Supporting Afghan Women Judges

Our Honorary President

From the fall of Kabul members have individually supported and mentored a small group of women judges who managed to escape with our help.  The IAWJ continued to work tirelessly to support Judges still there  ( each of us is a member) and throughout the world .Anisa Dhanji pictured is one of the group of Judges who were awarded the Bolch prize this year for their tireless work.  For obvious reasons those Judges have shared information with our members through our newsletter but not all feel able to do this in public given continued risk to family who remain.

In 2003 Brenda Hale proposed the start of our association and has worked tirelessly with us and the international association to promote the work of women judges in addressing women's issues - we are proud she remains our honorary president.

At Lahore High court

Visiting Pakistan first to take part in a roundtable on judicial training and later with the International Women Judges' human rights trainer to train judges on training and addressing gender bias in the workplace in 2017

conference nov 22.jpg

2022 AWJ Conference "Women in the Workplace"

Some of many members who met and enjoyed the conference dinner and training in Birmingham.  We were back in Birmingham in 2023 and we hope to see you at our annual conference and dinner later in 2024. 

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